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Training Group International (TGI) is an Australian based training and consulting company operating in Australia and internationally. We are proud of our team of trainers who are passionate about igniting the spark within students, to expand awareness, build skills and share knowledge.

Founded in 2001, TGI was built to fill the gap in the market for quality training in interviewing skills. Our experience and research showed that many people who were tasked with conducting interviews did not have a satisfactory level of knowledge of all aspects of the process.

In fact through surveys we found that up to 85% of people involved in conducting interviews had received little or no formal training. This statistic applied to people conducting interviews for security matters, employment, investigations, workplace issues or business interviews.

At the core of TGI are the highly popular Perceptive Interviewing series that have been praised at the highest level by organisations such as Department of Defence and Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. Our security based interviewing skills programs were adapted in 2005 to meet the needs of the business sector, involved in making high stake decisions about companies and financial investments.

Programs such as Perceptive Business Interviewing help give interviewers an edge in the questions they ask and the information they are able to obtain.


In addition to courses and seminars that build skills in all aspects of interviewing and eliciting information, TGI also offers over 11 other courses designed to develop individual and group skills in a cross section of human behaviour topics.

Courses such as Critical Thinking and Decision Making can be customised to meet specific organisational needs. Modules within all programs can be adapted to form unique programs that build skills in connecting with people, reading behaviour, building confidence, thinking smarter and improving communication outcomes.

In addition to face to face classroom based programs, we offer a series of online programs that can be hosted on your own LMS or accessed through our TGI Online portal. Popular courses in this area include: EEO and Bullying Awareness, Safety Security and Respect in the Workplace and Essential Security Awareness (Government and Private Sector).

Contact TGI today to discuss your training needs and how we can best tailor a program to your needs. Call us on freecall 1300 855 618.

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