Advanced Skills in Interviewing, Encouraging Truth and Identifying Deception

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Strengthen Your Interviewing Skills

You have experience as an interviewer and you like the challenge involved in uncovering the information you need. You are always keen to add to your level of awareness, brush up on the essentials and take your effectiveness as an interviewer up a notch.

You are interested in continual tweaking of what you are doing but also want to learn to identify any bad habits you may have that may be preventing better outcomes.

Do you feel confident that you are doing everything in your power to increase the likelihood that someone is going to be truthful with you? This program guarantees to leave you with techniques to help you to encourage more truth from the start, fast tracking your ability to get the information you need.

Do you have the methods or techniques to:

  • Influence someone who was thinking about lying to instead be truthful
  • Change the mind of a person who intended to be deceptive
  • Allow someone who has engaged in deception to back-track and confess the truth

Add to that a boost in your ability to spot behaviours that signal stress or emotion and you will be streaks ahead of most interviewers.

Course Purpose  

The core purpose of this program is to assist interviewers to be more switched on and more effective in their role. Applying this knowledge provides the tools to gain the edge, read people more accurately, uncover hidden emotion and make more grounded decisions as to the truthfulness or credibility of information provided.

Who Should Attend this Program  

If you have completed any other TGI Interviewing programs and/or if you are actively conducting interviews in any field, you will gain benefit from this program. A perfect next step to build your skills and awareness.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference  

You will be in a group with other experienced interviewers, keen to sharpen techniques that result in getting the information required to make good decisions or take action.

This course has been developed to incorporate key elements from our advanced programs and is replacing the Advanced Perceptive Interviewing program. The course facilitator has over 25 years of experience which includes conducting interviews in policing, sales, recruitment, management, business dealings, has been teaching for 16 years and is a qualified trainer with Paul Ekman International.

Learning Outcomes  
  • Build on existing interview planning methods
  • Discover cognitive biases that can change the way an interview unfolds
  • Build on existing awareness of effective questioning
  • Understand multi-channel behavioural indicators
  • Enhance your skills and awareness in reading human behaviour
  • Learn techniques to encourage more truth from the start
  • Identify and decode truth dilemmas in your interviews
  • Learn questions that will help uncover false denials
  • Discover methods to help assess credibility of written statements

Program Delivery Options and Duration


This content rich program is delivered over 3 days and includes an online post-training assessment.

Certifcate of Completion is awarded on completion of 3 days classroom-based training and passing the online assessment.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.