Communicate with Confidence

Communicate with ConfidenceBuild confidence, get your message across clearly, avoid misunderstandings

It is said that most business problems are people problems and most people problems are communication problems. So, let's fix the communication problems!

This action packed course tackles the most common communication issues and explores highly valuable behavioural skills that can be applied for immediate impact. You may be surprised how quickly you can build confidence once you have the right skill set and knowledge.

You will learn the different ways people communicate, gain techniques to develop skills in active listening and gain effective tips to get your message across whilst minimising misunderstandings. Explore verbal, non-verbal and written communication techniques. This an essential course for any individual or team who would like to build confidence in how they communicate and influence results.

Course Purpose  

Develop more effective communication skills that can assist in building business relationships, increasing sales, managing staff, improving productivity, building rapport, influencing people and creating workplace harmony.

Who Should Attend this Program  

Any person who is involved in face-to-face or phone interactions who would like to have more effective communication skills and build confidence when interacting with others. Basically, everyone can benefit from this program!

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference  

Communicate with Confidence has been eagerly received in a cross section of industries and across a multitude of positions. Participants who have completed this program have left with new skills, techniques and tips to immediately have a positive and lasting effect on any communications - professionally and personally.

Learning Outcomes  
  • Understand the ways we communicate and the impact of our communication style and actions
  • Explore the right pathway to get your message across
  • Learn the subtleties of verbal and paralinguistic behaviours in communication
  • Build confidence levels by having a more thorough toolbox of communication tools
  • Recognise the impact our non-verbal (body language) has on communication and how to better read and understand behaviours
  • Be more aware of your own behaviours and how to adapt your style to achieve even better success
  • Develop improved written communication methods
  • Gain new tips to achieve more successful outcomes in any communication
Program Delivery Options and Duration  

This program is delivered as a half-day to two-day in-house course or may be delivered as a customised training program. 

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.