Planning and NegotiationTo get anywhere in business or in life you need strong negotiation skills

Why do many negotiations fail? Even people with natural negotiation skills can sometimes fail to get what they want. So what is the missing link between what we want and what we get?

One of the most overlooked stages of any negotiation is the initial planning stage. Many people admit to cutting corners and flying by the seat of their pants. Often, negotiation in these circumstances can still be a success, but not always. And what if the one time your skills let you down is during one of the most important negotiation of your career?

Can you succeed without a plan? Maybe. But the truth is you will significantly increase your confidence, your readiness and your chance of success by preparing well. This isn't about intuition; it's about knowledge. Once you have the right tools and methods you can plan for any type of face-to-face or phone interaction and get much more predictable and positive outcomes. Where your goal is to influence someone or negotiate an outcome favourable to you, this extra set of negotiation skills will give you a distinct advantage.

Course Purpose  

Develop skills to better plan and prepare for any interaction where your goal is to influence another person or negotiate toward a particular outcome.

Who Should Attend this Program  

If you are in a role where you need to sell, buy, influence, negotiate an outcome or influence a team, then you will gain immediate benefit from this unique negotiation skills planning program.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference  

As a stand-alone program, you will walk away with at least 13 powerful tips and methods to use in most human negotiation interactions. In addition you will leave with 2 planning structures and templates ready for customising to your role and workplace. Combined with one of our people skills programs, this negotiation skills program will leave you with the practical and behavioural tools you need.

Learning Outcomes  
  • Know how to better plan and prepare for any negotiation or interaction
  • Recognise where the power lies and how to influence the power levels
  • Be clear on what you are willing to trade during the negotiation and what you think the other side will trade
  • Learn how to create and when to use a BATNA - your best alternative to negotiated agreement
  • Learn how to create a negotiation game plan - the tactics you will use
  • Practice conducting a negotiation around your strategy and you tactics
Program Delivery Options and Duration  

This negotiation skills program is delivered as a one-day program and extended to a two-day customised course where required. Talk to us about options to tailor this program to your workplace.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.