Influence and PersuasionPowerful techniques that get results

Almost every day, in and out of our working lives, we have a need to persuade or influence people. If you want someone to see something your way, do something for you, buy something from you, or simply like you, then you must do this course. The focus is on persuasion and communication, how to master these skills with confidence and integrity.

Better understanding the psychology of human behaviour and being prepared with powerful influencing essentials and specific knowledge tools of influence will fast-track your success. There are many courses in communication around but you will get the best results from those - like this one - that hone in on our hidden ability to influence and persuade.

No matter your role or level of experience, improving your skills means you can increase your ability and influence and success at achieving the outcomes you desire.

Course Purpose  

Become more effective in persuading or influencing others. This course will give you immediate and powerful knowledge and tools to get consistent results. You will learn the power of mental techniques, verbal techniques, and discover simple and effective persuasion and communication techniques so you can influence others with amazing success.

Who Should Attend this Program  

Any person involved in professional or personal situations where your goal is to persuade or influence individuals or groups.

Key Program Benefits and Points of Difference  

The program quickly uncovers the reality of human behaviour and explores how people can be easily influenced without even being aware. Using a series of powerful influencing essentials along with specific knowledge tools of influence you will instantly increase your ability to successfully persuade or influence others.

Learning Outcomes  
  • Understand the psychology of human behaviour in relation to persuasion and communication and influence
  • Know the difference between influence, persuasion and manipulation and how to use them
  • Apply the concepts of pushing and pulling when influencing others
  • Apply storytelling techniques to extend influence
  • Improve your powers of observation to identify and overcome resistance, barriers and objections
  • Understand the filters that may limit your success in persuading others
  • Recognise when influencing techniques are being used on you
  • Increase your success when persuading others on the phone
Program Delivery Options and Duration  

This program is delivered as a one- and two-day customised course.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.