Perceptive Interviewing® - 12th to 14th Nov 2019 in Canberra

Get the information you need

Knowing what information you need to get and actually getting it can be difficult, particularly if someone has a motivation to withhold facts or mislead you in some way.

For over 16 years, interviewers of all levels of experience have praised the original Perceptive Interviewing® program for helping to build powerful new skills and awareness to develop stronger connections, read people more effectively, ask better questions and elicit accurate information - even in their most challenging interviews.

Develop solid interviewing skills to encourage truthful responses and gather detailed information in any type of interview or enquiry. By focusing on the human factors in interviewing you immediately gain the edge to uncover what other people miss.

Increase the likelihood that people will provide accurate information, even if they are reluctant to share facts against their self interest. Perceptive Interviewing® will help you get the information that matters.

Recognise verbal and non-verbal behaviours associated with deceptive behaviour and improve observation skills to detect micro and subtle expressions of emotion. This highly praised program will provide practical tools and take your skills and awareness to a higher level.

Note: Location will be Clifton Rooms at 10 Moore Street Canberra. Final venue confirmation will be made closer to the training date.

Course Details

Course Date Tue 12th Nov 2019
Course End Date Thu 14th Nov 2019
Capacity 14
Price (ex GST) A$1,900.00
Location Canberra CBD
We are no longer accepting registrations for this course.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.