Short Seminars

SeminarsNeed a speaker? Perhaps a short training seminar? Looking for a great presenter to enhance a conference or other event?

The TGI seminar series has a number of engaging topics suitable for:

  • After dinner events - make the evening interesting and memorable
  • Conferences and company meetings - an engaging edge to your event
  • Schools - teacher and support staff professional development days
  • Team building events - have some fun, improve team culture
  • Relationship building - invite special clients along to your hosted seminar
  • Professional networking events - add interest and get people talking

We like to cover topics that are useful and engaging - and that are just a bit different from your standard seminar fare. Audiences will be entertained, informed and motivate by these subjects bound to pique their curiosity and interest.

Here's a snapshot of our popular 60-120 minute seminars.

Evaluating Truthfulness and Detecting Deception in Interviews and Communication

At the core of every interview and investigation is the desire to obtain the required information as efficiently as possible, whilst avoiding being misled or deceived along the way. The result of failing to get the information required or believing the wrong information can be measured in wasted time, financial loss, poor decisions, personal hardship and unjust outcomes.

Truth, Lies and Deception

Gaining the ability to effectively read behaviour, ask the right questions and uncover essential information is an ongoing quest and each and every interview or investigation is met with its own set of challenges and dynamics. This seminar explores:

  • Common traps that can stand in the way of getting the truth and spotting harmful deception
  • Tips to improve awareness of factors that contribute to getting the information required and 
  • Truth tools that can increase the likelihood that someone will be truthful
  • Methods that can intensify the signs of deception stress 

Get More Truth - Spot More Deception

The majority of lies that people tell daily are not designed to hurt or deceive. They are often branded as ‘white lies’ and are told, mostly without a second thought, to keep the peace, to maintain a flow of conversation or to wriggle out of something awkward or uncomfortable.

But, what about the lies and deception that can lead you to make decisions that you would otherwise not have made if you were armed with the truth? If you better understand the science of truth and lies you can immediately notice things that other people miss, giving you the power to take the right action and make better decisions.

This engaging seminar will provide tips and techniques designed to encourage more truth when it matters most and spot signs of deception early. By exploring some of the myths about truth and lies, you will be better equipped to bring more truth into your personal and professional life and avoid the negative impact of deception.

Truth, Lies and Emotions

Ever wondered what someone is really thinking as they glance across the table at you with a half smile? The truth is we miss a great deal of what goes on when communicating with others because we are not very observant or we don't know what to look for.

This upbeat and engaging seminar will open your eyes to the power you have to read people and recognise underlying emotions. When you gain control of this ability you are better able to gather all the available information and evaluate whether person is being truthful or deceptive.

Boost existing people skills to help you create stronger professional relationships, work smarter in business, conduct more effective interviews and meetings, or better manage people. Improve you emotional awareness to strengthen personal relationships and improve connections.

This seminar will share with you:

  • Why people find it so difficult to lie
  • How emotions feature when reading people
  • Universal expressions of emotion
  • The psychological model for truth and lies
  • How to increase your ability to notice hidden behavioural cues to deception

Truth, Lies and Love: Navigating the Dating Scene and Avoiding Harmful Deception

You don’t have to search far to have a conversation with someone about lies and deception in the singles and dating scene. In the search for true love people often hide behind a facade with a fear that they will lose the opportunity to connect with their ideal partner if they reveal too much too soon.

Truth Lies and Love

How that plays out in the real world can be frustrating when you uncover the truth down the track and your hopes are again dampened. Or worse, you find you have been misled, conned or put at risk and you kick yourself for missing the signs that were there from the start.

Having a greater awareness about truth and lies can add to your people skills toolbox. This seminar will help you to:

  • Encourage more truthful and honest interactions from the start
  • Recognise blocks, barriers  or beliefs that may be obstacles to finding love
  • Ask better questions to uncover the things you most want to know - without interrogating
  • Gain a better awareness of subtle signs of deceptive behaviour

Skills like these can help you fast-track your success in finding an amazing partner whilst avoiding being fooled, wasting time or having your heartbroken by someone who is not on the same page as you. Learn how to encourage more truth and start your journey to love by building a relationship based on a foundation of truth and trust.

Decoding Truth Dilemmas™

A Truth Dilemma is ‘the challenge that comes with speaking, hiding or uncovering the truth’. The truth is, people are often experiencing truth dilemmas in their life or they may be unknowingly a part of someone else’s dilemma.

Examples of truth dilemmas are the times that you are holding back truth for fear of saying the wrong thing, regret over misleading someone who believed your lie, denying the truth or pushing truth away from your actions or behaviour and being conflicted as to how much truth to give.

The impact of truth dilemmas can be far reaching and can lead to minor and major health issues and disruption of personal and professional relationships. They can even fracture relationships and impact on the culture or harmony of an organisation.

This unique seminar will leave you thinking about ways that you may recognise, decode and navigate your own truth dilemmas that may be present around or within you.

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Did You Know?The average ability of untrained people to distinguish between truth and lies is 54%, no better than chance! With training and practice this can improve sugnificantly. Some of our course participants are hitting performance levels of over 80% accuracy after training.