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Perceptive Interviewing

Perceptive Interviewing®

For over 16 years, interviewers of all levels of experience have praised the original Perceptive Interviewing® program for giving them powerful new skills to build stronger connections, read people more effectively, ask better questions and elicit accurate information. 3-day public course 3rd to 5th October 2017 exclusive to the security vetting industry.


Perceptive Business Interviewing

Perceptive Business Interviewing

Get the edge in your business dealings. Do you rely on obtaining accurate information to make the right decisions? Would you like to build stronger professional connections in interviews and meetings? Do you wish you had better skills in reading people and detecting deceptive behaviour?

Advanced Skills in Interviewing, Encouraging Truth and Identifying Deception

Advanced Skills in Interviewing, Encouraging Truth and Identifying Deception

New SmallThis course guarantees to teach you powerful techniques to encourage more truth from the start, fast tracking your ability to get the information you need and making you an even better, more effective interviewer. 3-day public course 4th - 6th September in Sydney.


Encourage Truth Uncover Lies

Encourage Truth, Uncover Lies

New SmallWould you like to increase the likelihood that people are more truthful with you? Imagine if you could uncover signs of deceptive behaviour that other people miss. Become a truth-attractor as well as a lie spotter.

Are You Pushing Truth Away?

Are You Pushing Truth Away

Do you feel confident that you do everything in your power to increase the likelihood that someone is going to be truthful with you?

Do you know how to encourage a truthful person to continue to tell the truth or influence someone who was unsure if they should be truthful to choose the truth?

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Are You Trusting?

(Original article appeared in Security Solutions magazine, 1st August 2016)

Having found myself at the age of 22 in a role designed to maintain public peace, gather information and keep people safe, I realised I needed to know about lies and deception. I considered my level of expertise on the topic and with an honest perspective, I labelled it low.

I felt certain about one thing. All humans tell lies. I knew that the policing career I had just embarked on was going to not only be packed with adventure, but also full of people hiding behind lies and misleading information.

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